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LED wax candles are growing in popularity. But why should you switch from traditional candles to flameless products? Here are some of the many reasons:

• Flameless candles are safe. You can take an LED wax candle anywhere at any time without worrying about the dangers of an open flame. Use LED candles in the classroom, around pets and children, outdoors, indoors… anywhere you can think of.

• Flameless candles look like traditional candles. New technologies use LED lights to create the illusion of a moving, flickering flame. Wax construction ensures that flameless candles look, feel and smell like traditional candles.

• Flameless candles are economical and convenient. Flameless candles run for hundreds or thousands of hours before you’ll need to change batteries. And timers and remote controls make them incredibly convenient to use.

Talk to a wholesale flameless candle supplier and discover the wide range of beautiful products available.
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LED Technology

There are many reasons to switch from conventional candles to LED flameless candles. One of the major considerations is, of course, safety. In fact, open flame candles are now banned in many locations due to the safety hazard they present. Fortunately, LED technology has been able to create very realistic "moving flame” effects for flameless candles, making them in many circumstances virtually indistinguishable from traditional wax candles.
LED has other advantages, including:
  • Energy Efficiency. LED bulbs are the most efficient lighting available, with an estimated life of 100,000 hours. In other words, the bulb in your flameless candle will never burn, at least not in your lifetime.
  • Environmentally Friendly. LED bulbs are manufactured without the use of toxic materials and they are 100% recyclable. Because they last so much longer than other types of bulbs, an LED light bulb can save the material and energy used for the production of 25 incandescent bulbs.
  • No UV Emissions. LED bulbs have zero UV emissions!
  • Temperature Extremes. Fortunately for Canadians, LED bulbs operate under extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold.
These and other LED advantages make these candles an excellent choice and a popular pick among gift store shoppers. Add flameless LED candles to your store today to meet the needs of your customers and create eye-catching displays.


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